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Born in Salinas, California in 1985, I grew up with three older 

brothers who helped to mold my warped and often morbid 

sense of humor to what it is today. We moved to the  

beautiful state of Utah in my Elementary years and I have 

been happily stuck here ever since. I now raise my husband 

and four kids in a great neighborhood surrounded by great 

neighbor people.
My love for reading was cultivated at a young age. My 

mother was an avid reader, though she read those romance 

books with Fabio-types on the covers. My tastes, even in Elementary school, were geared 

more towards horror and thriller. It wasn’t until I discovered the indie world via my 

Kindle mobile app that I started experimenting with other genres. Now I can definitively 

say that I have enjoyed something from most genres at this point; Paranormal and Urban 

Fantasy being my favorites.


Hi peeps! I’m Nicole a proud mom of four crazy kids, pediatric nurse, wife to an ABSOLUTELY amazing husband and last but definitely not least, a bibliophile. My favorite genre is Paranormal Romance but I will read anything with words.

I have a slight obsession (ok maybe more than slight but who am I to judge lol) with Wonderland and all things/people involved.

Some fan-girling worthy authors are Cambria Hebert, Cameo Renae, Carey Heywood and Sarah J Pepper. When I see a new book release by one of these awesome ladies, this usually happens

I am currently reading Splintered by A.G. Howard and it is fan-freakin-tastic!!! There are some parts in this book that make you go

 Did that really just happen?

Anywho, if you have any questions or just want to chat feel free to message me on the page! Love you all, shmooches!!


Hey guys! I’m Claire, student and full time bookworm. I live 

in the wonderfully rainy England and love nothing more than 

a cup of tea and an amazing book (My best moment was 

recently being caught reading in a lecture…At least I could 

pretend it was educational). I work with the amazing ladies 

at OOCA to review your work and make sure it gets the 

perfect review. If your baby needs some extra attention you 

know where to find us! Typically I’m a NA/YA lover (I’m 

actually in love with Shelly Crane), but like everyone, I love 

to delve into a bit of Paranormal now and then :D

I'm also with the lovely Kris at C&K Creations, making premade and custom cover 

designs so give us a like and see our epicness at work I look forward to meeting loads of 

other beautiful book worms


MB or Mary Beth for long, I grew up in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ as the youngest of 7 children. Living at the Jersey Shore I could usually be found at the beach swimming and reading in the sand. I now live in Baltimore, MD with my husband and 3 children.
Writing and Music have always played a major role in my life. Thinking I would use those loves I would be a famous singer! Haha, yeah that didn’t happen so I had to rethink my goals and dreams and while I still harbor a small (really really small) hope that I may still make it big, I found something else that makes me happy, besides sarcasm and bathroom humor movies that is.
It wasn’t really until about 10 years ago that my love of reading became more of an obsession. Then I found the Indie world and knew I was home <3

Hello Everyone!
My name is Caitlin Zabek and I am an avid book reader, be in on my kindle or an actual paper book I can get lost in a book for hours at a time. To me reading is the way I can escape and lose myself in something that is truly amazing. A book is truly a work of art, an authors’ child if you will…I do so enjoy reading those little babies and keeping them around for years and years. Currently I am working on finishing my bachelors degree in Literature, Language, and Writing so that one day I can become an editor for all of those books that I love to lose myself in. I am open to just about any genre but I have a few favorites, New Adult, Romance, and Paranormal are my top 3 genres. I hope that everyone who reads my reviews can take away something positive from them and also find a new book for their bookshelves. Relax and enjoy a wonderful book today, I know I will!
Much love, Caitlin.

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Hi, my name is Dana Marie. I grew up and live in the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I am currently working on my first book and loving every minute of it. I really enjoy reading, writing, spending time with my children, and making people smile. My love of reading started way back. My particular genre at that time was romance. However, since then many genres and authors have seeped into my heart. Romance, apocalyptic, thrillers, and so much more…Oh my! My Kindle is begging for a break but there is no rest for the wicked reading machine in me. What do you do from here? You spread the love of course. I’m currently working on a little blog and Facebook page called The Color of Ink to show my love of reading, enjoyment of writing, and support authors everywhere. So write some color into your life. What is the color of ink? Anything you can imagine…

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