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FIRST OFFICIAL POST and Author Spotlight!!!!!!!

So I know it has taken A LOT longer than expected but ..... "It is time!"  We finally have the blog page up. YAY!!!!! I am hoping to add some cool features and what not like what we are reading, our top TBR, Reviews, Interviews, What we have going on with us and events we will be at. You know keeping you in the know.

BUT that stuff is still in the works. For now I want to get to our first post.  Which are from some great friends of mine and Kris'. Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey the authors of the Countermeasure series are helping us kick things off.

We have a character interview with Trevor and Cassandra who were amazing!!!  AND an interview with the dynamic duo themselves. So without further ado..............

My interview with Trevor and Cassandra from the Countermeasure Series!

MB: Hi! *waves nervously*

Trevor: Hello, Mary Beth. Can we call you MB? *She nods.* Perfect. Thank you for inviting us over for a chat.

Cassandra: *Hugs MB before sitting.* It’s great to finally meet you.

MB: *Hugs Cassandra back* You, too!  *Shakes off some the nerves* I really appreciate you guys taking the time to sit with me and answer some of not just mine but our questions. So why don’t you make yourselves comfortable…….. Great is there anything I can get you before we begin?

Cassandra: *Settles back into the chair.* I’m good. Ready to start when you are.

Trevor: *Waves a pass.* No thanks. I’m tea’d up. Let’s get to business.

MB: *Giggle* Great! So ……*straightens papers on knee* let’s start off with a few easy ones.

How was your Valentine’s Day?

Trevor: *Shoots a look at Cassandra.* Hmm….eventful?

Cassandra: *She grins at Trevor.* We had a lovely evening aside of a human icicle incident. Thawing was required.

MB: Sounds cold *snickers* What 3 things would you take to a desert island?

Cassandra: A satellite phone, blanket, and Trevor. *She chuckles* Wait, does he count?

MB: I guess he counts. *laughs*

Trevor: It would depend whether or not I’d want to be rescued. *Smiles mischievously*

MB: True, I guess if I ask this question again I may have to make an amendment. How do you sleep? Clothed if so in what or in the buff?

Trevor: What’s the point of wearing clothes to bed? *He gazes at Mary Beth with a puzzled frown.*

Cassandra: That would depend. Do you mean on an everyday basis or after…uhm… *Cassandra blushes when she notices Trevor’s raised eyebrows and quirked lips. She clears her throat.* Does semi-clothed qualify as an answer?

MB: Don’t give me that look Trevor and yes semi clothed qualifies and I don’t mean after cause well obviously I mean *Blushes and laughs* Moving on…..  What is your best trait? And what is your worst?

Cassandra: My best would probably be that I’m focused when it comes to work. *She shrugs* The job is the job. Worst? I’d have to say I don’t know when to let something go.

Trevor: Worst? I’m stubborn when I’m on to something. Best? I’m stubborn when I’m on to something. *A smile cracks his lips when the two women stare at him with raised eyebrows.* Hey…I wouldn’t have broken certain high walls if I hadn’t been stubborn. Just saying. *Cassandra sighs in response.*

MB: *Shakes head* So do you think I have warmed you up enough that we are ready to move on to more difficult questions?

Trevor: Hit us with your best shot.

MB:  *Starts to sing, Hit me with your best shot*   Sorry *clears throat slightly embarrassed* I love that song. Here we go……. What are you most afraid of?

Trevor: That I might never find closure and how that would affect me. *He looks at Cassandra.* Us.

Cassandra: *She holds Trevor’s gaze for a moment before turning back to look at MB. She hesitates before responding,* I worry that something will happen to Trevor again and I’ll be too far away to help.

MB: I can understand the closure aspect, it’s very difficult the not knowing.  I can’t imagine the stress and worry the two of you have for each other in your line of work. What was your worst moment?

Cassandra: In Russia when I wasn’t sure what had happened to Trevor. I never want to experience that helplessness again.

Trevor: The moment Cassie took that bullet in front of me is by far the worst moment of my life.

MB: *Holds hand over heart and exhales a deep breath* I have no words for those situations. Here is a happier question. What is your best moment?

Trevor: Every morning when I wake up and she’s beside me. I’m the lucky guy she looks at when she wakes up, too.

Cassandra: *Her shoulders relax and a smile fills her eyes.* True. But I have to go with saying the words, “I do.”

MB: *sighs* I just wanted to tell you that your relationship is inspiring, to find what you two have is special, did you ever think you two weren’t going to make it?

Cassandra: *She rests her hand on Trevor’s thigh, unconsciously brushing her thumb back and forth across the fabric of his pants.* Sometimes you have to struggle to understand what exactly it is that stops you from reaching for the proverbial ring. Once you overcome that, the world is your oyster. In this case, Trevor is my oyster. Hmm. That actually sounded much better in my head.

Trevor: Nah. Sounded good to me, too. I know how you like oysters. Eating them, I mean. *He pauses. * Wait. Now, that didn’t sound right.

MB: Bahahaha! Why and how is your relationship so strong?

Trevor: I believe having a strong relationship is a result of how much you put into it. *He looks at Cassie and waits for her take.*

Cassandra: I think it’s because we see each other for who we are, faults and all. We’re still learning things about each other, but those lessons are filled with love, understanding and support. All the making for a life of adventure together. It definitely will never get boring at the rate we are going. *She winks at MB.* Then again, there is always Cosmo.

MB: Ah Cosmo!  Can’t believe half the stuff they say. I hope all of our readers are paying attention. It takes work for a good relationship. Anything worth having and keeping does and while you are a factor you are not the only person in the equation. Now when you add my next question into the mix it changes the ENTIRE game.  Do you plan to have a family and if so, how soon?

Cassandra:  *Cassandra entwines her fingers with Trevor’s.* I would love to have a mini-Trevor someday. For now, we’ve just started this journey and we have a lot of loose ends to tie up. Although Jessie would beg to differ. She has had plenty to say about that. She wants a *bud* for the little one she’s going to pop.

Trevor: I’d love to share that with Cassie. But as she said, we have a lot of loose ends to tie up. *A longing expression clouds his eyes.*

MB: I have no doubt that when you two decide to have a family you will great at it.  What do you desire most?

Trevor: *His eyes wander to Cassandra.* I have what I desire the most.

Cassandra: *Determination flashes in her eyes.* For Trevor to be happy, no matter the cost.

MB: If you could go back and change the way you met, would you?

Cassandra: No. Trevor was a surprise and swept me off my feet before we even spoke, however, the deal was sealed with a cuss you could say. *A wistful look crosses her face.* Well, sometimes I wish we’d met sooner, but then again, there is a reason for everything.

Trevor: No. Things happen for a reason. I have to believe that. Maybe if she’d met the boring, geek me without the convoluted situation around us, she wouldn’t have given me a second look.

MB: The “what if” game is a hard one to play. So I was really debating on whether I would bring up this topic in this interview and if it makes you uncomfortable we can just leave it at no comment but how is the search going? Any new leads?

Cassandra: *A brief flicker of concern flashes in her eyes. She turns her head to glance at Trevor as if waiting for his response.*

Trevor: Not much going on right now on our case but we’re never too idle. Lots of work for the agency flowing our way so we’re never bored.

MB: I really do wish you all the luck but you won’t need luck. I’m sure you will get your closure and I’m sorry I have a tendency to bring down the room with serious talk, just ask Chris and Ceci. Speaking of our favorite dynamic duo if you could ask them 1 question what would it be?

Cassandra: Daniel? Really?

Trevor: There’s nothing wrong with Daniel. Nelson on the other hand…. Cecilia, I know you’re the guilty party. What were you thinking?

MB: *Laughs* Alright I think I have monopolized enough of your time.  Thank you so much for taking the time to sit and chat with me. I so hope we can do this again.

Cassandra: MB, thank you for having us. It was great hanging with you. Chris and Ceci were right—you are a lot of fun.

Trevor: Always happy to talk to you, MB. Thank you for having us over.

MB: Don’t believe what they told you about me…unless it was good, then you can totally believe that. I want to wish you good luck with, well everything and know that I hope you find what you are searching for!

Man that interview was so much fun. I love these two characters. They embody so much of what we should strive to be. They are two extremely passionate people in and out of the bedroom. Their intelligence and just love for each other is really soothing special to behold. Yes I know they are fictional character but they're lives aren't the perfect versions of the hero's we would normally see. We... and when I say we I mean I.... Love them for their faults and imperfections. It makes them more real and tangible.

Now onto my interview with Chris and Ceci! Before I start let me just say that these two are amazing. They are funny and creative and well just plain old crazy. But that is what makes you love them so much. I  (and I love telling this story) was more or less.... it was more.... told that I NEEDED to read this series or else. But before I did I actually got to talk to the authors. They were friends of Kris' and it was her birthday. I wanted to put a little video together for her (not knowing that pictures are a major no no with these two) I asked them. They kindly declined but made an awesome banner for her instead. Thus started our friendship and the beginning of many interesting conversations. I would share my thoughts and feeling of what I was reading as I was reading it and really how often can you do that with an author? The coolest part is the books were AWESOME!!!! So read on and learn a little bit more about this awesomely crazy duo.

My Interview with Chris and Ceci!

MB: So I got a twofer with these interviews. Not only was I lucky enough to interview Trevor and Cassandra, I also get to interview Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey.  Thank you both for joining me. Meh, so formal. I’ll be stopping that right about now.  I will say I am excited to get to know you both a bit better. Ready…. Good, here we go. 

Do you outline what you are going to write or do you just let it flow?

Cecilia: We do both. We start out discussing the story arc and creating a loose outline. Typically, we know where the story starts and ends. The adventure is getting from point A to point B.

MB: That sounds fun and difficult at the same time. You two have this crazy wonder twin thing going on what are the benefits of working as a team?

Chris: The luxury of being able to bounce thoughts and ideas off each other, test theories, combine ideas, and police each other.

MB: Why would you ever need to police each other. *snickers* Since we got the positives, lets flip it. How do you work through disagreements?

Cecilia: We talk them through until we come to a mutual agreement that best fits the scene or chapter we’re discussing.

MB: Hmm, I wonder how often that happens. Oh well, I’ll save that question for another time. So 2 things WE don’t know about you.

Cecilia: Hmmm…I have a weakness for purses and share Cassandra’s love for lacey lingerie.

Chris: What don’t you know about me? Jeez.

MB: A weakness that must mean you have A LOT!  *laughs* And what do you mean what don’t I know?  There is plenty I don’t know. *sticks tongue out at Chris* Would you change any of the story you have written so far?

Not necessarily change, but maybe rearrange and trim.

MB: Good I was nervous for a second. No changes allowed! If you had the chance to ask your characters one question what would it be?

Cecilia: Is the house as lovely as we envisioned?

Chris: Would you move back to the US?

MB: You are two of the most creative and funny people I have the pleasure of knowing, but what inspires you to write?

Chris: Inspiration comes to us in many forms. A desire to tell stories the way we like to read them, working together on an idea, and giving free rein to the emotional scenes that pop in our heads evoked by a movie, a musical tune, or lyric.

MB: What is the most rewarding part of writing?

Cecilia: It’s pretty simple—when a reader comes to us and tells us how much they enjoyed our stories or have read them more than once.

MB: As a reader of your work I sure let you know what my thoughts and feeling were (whether you wanted to know or not) but I can only imagine the thoughts and feelings your work invokes in others. As you know I got the chance to talk to Trev and Cassie and had them ask one question each sooooo here you go. Cassandra’s was Daniel? Really? And Trevor’s was There’s nothing wrong with Daniel. Nelson on the other hand…. Cecilia, I know you’re the guilty party. What were you thinking?

Chris: Daniel and Nathan both have their own demons to chase. Different demons but nevertheless worth spotlighting in future stories.

Cecilia: Nathan and Cassandra needed to experience that pivotal moment so that she could move on.

MB: Yeah they needed that moment as much as we all cringed before during and after. Weird question…..Bugs including spiders … Kill them or set them free?

Cecilia: Kill them

Chris: Set them on fire? Joking…err…

MB: I don’t believe you Chris.*Laughs* Biggest Vice?

Chris: Music.

Cecilia: Movies.

MB: That’s not really a vice but I guess it works. You both know how I feel about both so I well yeah…. Vanilla or chocolate?

Cecilia: Chocolate. Darker the better.

Chris: None. I’d go with citrus juice of some kind.

MB: Really?  Hmm see something I didn’t know. Favorite Movie of ALL TIME?

Chris: Highlander. I don’t watch a lot of TV or movies. But when I do, it’s usually because the movie was technologically impressive for the times. Highlander not only introduced a breakthrough in filmography but also very interesting characters. I think I watched it some 35 times. I can even recite the script.

Cecilia:  As a kid growing up on a military base in Europe, there wasn’t much for you to do. So the movie theater, the Stars and Stripes book store, and Wolfman Jack on the military radio station was pretty much it. We used to gobble up any movie that made it to the base, which usually ended up being a year after its release. So I wouldn’t say I have an all-time favorite, just a long list of them. One (although now it looks kind of *B*ish) is Logan’s Run. Set in the future it involved a dystopian society that balanced population and the consumption of resources. In order to do so and at the same time prevent overpopulation, they exterminated everyone who reached the age of thirty. You could say it’s the predecessor to In Time with Justin Timberlake.

MB: Wow. So don’t get mad but I don’t think I’ve seen either. Some, but not all of Highlander. I know how important music is to both of you so Favorite Song or Band?

Cecilia: There are so many to choose from. Currently I’ve been stuck on the band 12 Stones for weeks now.

Chris: My favorite band/song changes often. I tend to look for new music all the time. Currently I’m stuck with Kongos.

MB: I am going to need you both to give me some music to check out!  Do you want to say something to your fans?

Chris: Fans? The ones we turn on when writing steamy scenes? Oh! You mean readers and friends. You bet. To those of you who have read our stories, we are humbled that you have expressed how much you have enjoyed them so far and hope you will stick with us on this crazy roller coaster we have embarked on. To any who have not stepped into Trevor and Cassandras quest, what are you waiting for? We don’t bite…much.

MB: BAHAHAHA!!! Seriously fans. *shakes head* Thank you both so much for taking the time to answer some of the questions I have had and hopefully some of your other “READERS” have as well. I know I speak for myself and hopefully others in saying that I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us next with the rest of the Countermeasure Series and The A.W.E. Crew.

Well I hope you enjoyed these interviews. I know I had a blast doing them. Below you will find some more info about the Countermeasure Series and different links so you can keep in touch with Chris & Ceci! 

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 Alternate Connection is the third book in the Countermeasure Series

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  1. Great job, Mary Beth! I know how intimidating it can be when you are around some of your favorite characters like Trevor and Cassie. Great questions and I love learning about them, as well as the authors. Congrats on the blog as well! I have added it to my Feedly list so I'll be watching it daily.

    I have a question for Trevor and Cassie - do you think they plan to stop by at all? If so, I want to know about their interests in music or movies. Do they have a favorite movie or band?

    1. Star Wars is my favorite movie, Amy. As for band, I have a great fondness of Kings of Leon. It's what I was into when I met Cassie...

    2. Well, duh. I should have known about Star Wars, too. Jeez. Hello, your doorbell. :-)

    3. Hi, Amy. Good to see you again. :) My tastes in music are similar to C&C's. Unfortunately, I can't carry a tune. But I do enjoy singing around the house. *Hears Trevor's snicker.* Shush, you. Right now, Snow Patrol has been following me around. Movies? I like love stories and action flicks. If I had to give a favorite right now, hands down it would be Leap Year. *Grins at Amy.* Who wouldn't fall for a dark haired Irishman?

    4. I should have known about you and Leap Year, Cassie. ;-)