Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Gambit Cover Reveal

Title: The Gambit
Author: Allen Longstreet
Cover by: Aaron Tallman - Graphic Artist
Release Day: December 7, 2014

Owen Marina is a name well-known in Washington, D.C. It is synonymous with freedom, liberty, and truth. He is co-founder of the Convergence party; a third party dominating the benchmark polls in the historic 2016 election.

He wasn’t always a celebrity. He was just a regular, booze-drinking post grad of Georgetown University, working for the EPA as a field chemist. That was until the Confinement—the most heinous act committed by the federal government in history. He was assigned District 1, as was Cole Pavich, who would become the co-founder of their party. For them District 1 was not only a prison-camp, but a breeding ground for unorthodox ideas, and solutions to the problems that plagued American politics. With his new found popularity, women wanted him, men wanted to be him, but—life as a workaholic was lonely. At 27 he was single, lived alone, and had a performance street bike as his only companion.

At the final debate, just weeks before the final election, there is a terrorist attack; the pipe-bombs kill a dozen, and injure many more. He awakes in the hospital, to discover Cole in the ICU, in critical condition. Later that day, it is revealed on the news that the main suspect is deceased, and the other suspect is him. Owen Marina is the most-wanted fugitive in the United States. How will he expose the truth? When the media is against him, the interconnected actions of a brave few might be his only hope.



 Allen Longstreet is a fiction author who resides in Hickory, North Carolina. Now at 21, he has been writing ever since he was a child, and novels have always been the goal. With a background in Botany and Ecological sciences, he has a preference in Post-Apocalyptic and survival. Allen has a strong interest with contemporary issues and problems society faces in this day and age. He plans on writing across a broad-spectrum of fiction, creating characters and stories we all can become attached to.




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